2016 is at an end, which means New Year’s Resolutions are popping up in abundance. Everywhere I go I’m hearing aspirations to eat better, lose weight, finish that novel, start that novel, and more. Okay, so I won’t be much help with the novel, but I can definitely give some tips on how to eat clean in 2017! Most people who want to live a healthy lifestyle avoid clean eating because they think it’s too difficult, or that it will be too boring. However, there are many products that make clean eating as easy as rolling into bed after a long day. Below are some of my favorite nutritious brand to jumpstart your clean eating in 2017!

Arla Cream Cheese

If you love cream cheese for breakfast, Arla is here to rescue your resolutions with just four-ingredients. Using milk, cream, cheese culture, and salt, Arla has managed to create a delectable spread that fits snuggly into the clean eating category. I love the flavor of this brand. The cream cheese itself is super smooth and creamy compared to other brands, which I find to be more “plastic” when spreading. The simple ingredients list is a huge plus. The best thing is, my family totally loves it too! Our favorites are Herb and Light Plain, although it comes in a bunch of flavors.

Siggi’s Yogurt


Surprise! Most flavored yogurts you find in the grocery store aren’t actually good for you! Even greek yogurt, which is heralded as one of the healthiest types of dairy, can be loaded with sugar, unless you eat the plain kind with no fruit on the bottom (and what fun is that?) This is why I love Siggi’s yogurt. It’s a healthy yogurt that is high in protein and uses real fruit for its flavor, not artificial flavoring. This ‘skyr’ type of yogurt is the definition of clean eating, as it uses natural ingredients. Also, it’s now sold at Starbucks, which means there’s not an excuse to buy junky baked goods when you’re hungry!

Barely Bread


Let’s face it – eating clean can be difficult when you’re busy. My go-to on a rushed day is toast for breakfast with almond butter or avocado , but it’s hard to find bread that fits the ‘clean eating’ profile. That’s why I’m so thankful Barely Bread exists! This company makes bread from all natural ingredients, which is gluten free, low carb, paleo, and completely organic. Their loaves are made from a blend of different flours, from almond to coconut, and they don’t skimp on taste for health. Barely Bread makes bread, bagels, baguettes, and buns, so there’s absolutely no reason to eat bad-for-you bread from the grocery store, with white flour and high fructose corn syrup!

Chia Shots by the Chia Co.


Chia seeds have so many health benefits, but portion sizes are difficult to gauge. The Chia Co. has solved this dilemma by creating chia shots, which are portable portioned out servings of chia seeds that you can add to oatmeal, water, yogurt, and more. Not only are they perfectly portioned, they also are travel-friendly, so you always have a healthy snack on the go! One of my favorite snacks recommendations is chia seeds in some Siggi’s yogurt, topped with some berries.

There you have it! Check out the above four brands to jumpstart your clean eating in the new year. Being healthy is one resolution that is going to stick!