Have you heard the news? Well and Good shared in their recent article, Splenda is officially bad for you, and it’s about time. Past studies have failed to give us a clear answer, but a new study that was recently published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health found that rats fed sucralose every day (in addition to their regular diet) eventually developed tumors and some cancers. What’s even more interesting is that the rats were given different doses of sucralose, and those who ate more sucralose were more likely to develop these cancers than the other rats.


So what does this mean for you?


Although one study isn’t the end all be all, you may want to consider how much artificial sweetener you’re consuming on a daily or even weekly basis. Splenda, a sucralose-based sweetener, is found in thousands of products including diet sodas, some sparkling waters and snack bars as well as that little yellow packet you open and pour into your coffee. Given its popularity it’s too easy for sucralose to sneak it’s way into your diet if your not checking labels. So, start reading ingredient lists now!


How will you live without your calorie free sweetener? We’ll tell you!


The best way to avoid too many artificial sweeteners is to opt for whole foods whenever possible. Eat fruit or dark chocolate for a sweet snack, drink water or unsweetened beverages instead of diet soda, wean yourself off of sweetened coffee or if this all sounds too daunting at least substitute for safer sweeteners such as maple syrup, a little honey or raw sugar, stevia and our favorite here at Real Nutrition NYC, cinnamon!


Easier said than done, we know, but start slow and keep at it. Your health is depending on you!