The other day I made a batch of delicious mini egg frittatas and it inspired me to share with you some ideas for quick and easy breakfasts that you (and your family) can enjoy even on your busiest days! As a mom of 3 boys with her own business I’m familiar with the morning cram as well as the hunger pangs!


  1. Ezekiel toast with avocado alone or top with smoked salmon or an egg – Spice it up with cayenne and crushed red pepper, or opt for a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of sea salt. We over here at Real Nutrition NYC love a drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar or even pumpkin seeds. For the kids? A little side of ketchup may be all they need!
  2. Rice cake with almond butter or tahini, chia seeds and goji berries – You can turn this into a savory or sweet (or both!) breakfast with a crunch, depending on your mood. Also, a rice cake topped with almond butter and sliced berries may be a popular pick among your kids for an easy, lower sugar alternative to the classic pb&j. It’s so easy to put together, everyone will be able to make it themselves.
  3. Egg muffin frittatas – Ok so these may take a little bit of thought and preparation, but you can still make your egg muffin frittatas in a pinch for a wholesome breakfast on the go! All you need is to chop some veggies, whisk together 8 whole eggs, and cook in a greased muffin tin for 14 minutes at 375F. The best part is you can also pack these for lunch and serve them for dinner on days when you’re really pressed for time.C064C547-78EF-41CB-A217-C54E6078FEC0