Oh man, it is cold outside.  Just today on my walk to the gym at 6AM it was 6 degrees.  I miss summer.  But instead of complaining, I’ve been enjoying some soul-warming foods that are delicious and nourishing at the same time.  I find I’m craving more spice, warmer temperature foods and thicker textures, the kind of “stick to your ribs” type meals (let’s not take that literally).  So what are a few things I’ve been whipping up in my kitchen or enjoying out?  Below are today’s adventures.  As always, they’re fairly easy, use few ingredients, are not excessive in cals and taste great!

Breakfast:  Normally I’m a toast topped with avocado girl or I’ll rock a green juice if I am somewhere I can buy one oooor on a weekend I’ll scramble a few eggs but today, I had the luck of enjoying a breakfast date with my husband, yes on a work day!  We went to Le Pain Quotidien and managed to enjoy some healthy fare even while surrounded by muffins, bread loaves and granola.  We both ordered oatmeal made with water and I topped mine with cinnamon and chopped pecans since I’m not a fan of hot fruit and all my clients know dried fruit is a no no.

For lunch I enjoyed a big bowl of my homemade Butternut squash soup.  Sounds hard but it’s easy and only contains 7 ingredients.  I grabbed this recipe here http://detoxinista.com/2011/10/curried-butternut-bisque/.  Give it a try, it is not only filling, it’s delicious!

Dinner:  Usually I save my protein for dinner since I like to know it’s source, prefer free range, organic, local, grass-fed, and so on.  I also tend to eat less carbs at dinner so protein helps to fill me up when paired with a lot of veggies.  After a delicious salad of whatever was left in the fridge (picture here), I made a quick Turkey Bolognaise with dark turkey meat (higher in b vitamins) I purchased from the Farmers Market.  I quickly sautéed chopped garlic and onion, added the turkey, added some tomato sauce and let it simmer.  I enjoyed this on top of some sautéed spinach and my husband had it with whole wheat spaghetti.  The kids will eat this tomorrow and I’ll stash some in the freezer for next week on a night I just don’t feel like cooking.

Dessert looks like some dark chocolate chips and a mug of tea, like I said I’m cold!  What did you eat?