It’s summer and if you’re anything like me, the opportunity to grab a cocktail with friends, a spouse or family pops up as soon as the sun starts setting and a cool breeze comes along.  By the beach, in the city or even at home, summer is a time to kick back, relax and enjoy “a cold one”.

With a glass of wine coming in at 120 calories a pop and mixed cocktails clocking in at even more than that (yes that Margarita can cost you over 400 calories) what is your best bet when ordering a drink?  I say stick with the hard stuff and add a splash of something spicy.  This is my favorite cocktail that takes the edge off, doesn’t cause a hangover and allows me to head to the beach bloat free!

Spicy Vodka on the Rocks

1 oz vodka (I’m loving CROP Organic Vodka these days)
1 – 2 dashes Tabasco (or more if you dare)
ice cubes
2 large olives or 1/2 a lime
sea salt and pepper for the rim

Dip the rim of the empty glass in water then in sea salt/pepper mixture.  Pour the vodka over the ice “rocks”, add the Tabasco, spear two olives with a toothpick and insert into drink or cut 1/2 a lime, squeeze the juice into the drink, stir, sip and get happy!