Chances are, at least one of your friends from spin class loves apple cider vinegar.

Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes it’s cloudy? Smells so strong that you can’t help but make a face after taking a sniff?  It’s a medicine, it’s a cleaning product, it’s…apple cider vinegar! In other words, both a medicine and a cleaning product…for your digestive system. Since the days of castor oil, who’s been able to resist a tempting tonic or potion? If it tastes questionable, contains no calories, and comes from a natural source, we’ve likely taken shots of it in the name of a slimmer waistline and clearer skin. But there just might be something to this apple cider vinegar thing…

Cider vinegar is just apple juice, pressed and then fermented. It’s long been used as a folk remedy for various maladies like indigestion, skin irritation, and arthritis. Via the internet, solutions containing cider vinegar are still sold as “cures” with various health claims or merely as “talismans.” Let’s not go there.

ACV is frequently touted as a natural antibacterial alternative to chemical cleaning products, because its malic and acetic acids, which give dressings and sauces that vinegary bite, lower pH enough to disrupt microbial activity. Logically, cider vinegar may also perform the same crime-fighting function in the body.

There is still much scientific research to be done about the long-term health benefits of apple cider vinegar. But imbibing the stuff may help improve appetite control, curb cravings, and help us to feel full all which lead to YES…weight control! Cider vinegar is a natural substance that makes you stop, think, and reset your taste buds. Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford have both said that they sniff cider vinegar or take shots between meals to resist the urge to snack and take the edge off hunger. If it’s good enough for Heidi and Cindy, how bad can it be? Exactly—there’s a first time for everything!

  • Cider vinegar is highly acidic. Both for palatability and to avoid irritating your throat, dilute cider vinegar “shots” in a little water. Better yet, make a mocktail: 4 oz. kombucha + 1 oz. ACV + 4 oz. water + ice. SHAKE.
  • Especially if you’re going to take ACV, go au naturel, for maximum health benefit and flavor. Not all vinegars are just vinegar. Check the label to make sure you’re just getting apple juice plus fermenting agents, and nothing more. Look for raw, organic, and unpasteurized!
  • It’s not just for cleansing or cleaning. There are tons of ways to use cider vinegar, so get creative!