When we think of losing weight, we often think of dieting and eating the right things, but what about drinking? Even if you stick to whole grains, veggies, fruit, and lean protein during the day, a night out with some friends could easily turn your successful day into a diet disaster. Margarita, after cocktail, after beer certainly won’t help to slim your waistline; that’s for sure! So, even if you vow to cut back on alcohol, what about sodas, iced teas, and yup…green juices? They can all be just as big of a sipping sin. Luckily, we are here to help and share our tips on how to sip your way thin!

First, hydration is uber important. Hydrating liquids (think water, coconut water & decaf/herbal tea) help keep you alert and control hunger. Often times, we’ll mistake thirst for hunger, and end up eating something when all we really needed was a glass of water. Moral of the story: Next time you think you’re hungry, throw back a large glass of water first, then re-assess in a few minutes.

Now that we know that hydration is so important, let’s discuss how we should be hydrating our bodies. We’ve all been told to drink our 8 glasses of water per day, but I can’t tell you how many people say to me “I just don’t like water. It’s plain and boring.” Guess what? It doesn’t have to be! Have you ever thought of adding something to your water to spruce it up? Go traditional with lemon or lime, or experiment with other fruits & veggies like sliced cucumber, pineapple or watermelon. The subtle flavor enhancement can make all the difference. Still not sold? Use a tea bag. All these tasty options are low in calories but high in flavor! Drink up to slim down.

Another dilemma I hear all the time is , “I crave the fizz.” I can’t give up my soda! So, you opt for the diet soda thinking you’re doing a good thing, right? Wrong! Diet sodas, while free of sugar, contain artificial sweeteners which are about 300 times sweeter than actual sugar and THAT can make your body crave the real stuff later on! Not to mention, studies show some artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas have been linked as causes of cancer. Yikes! Steer clear! But, this is not to say you should give up the bubbly forever! Craving that fizz? Try seltzer, or carbonated water. You’ll still get all of the bubbles you crave without the sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Some of my favorite brands include Polar, Canada Dry, Vintage, and Adirondack. If these aren’t sweet enough for you, try the recipe below!

Fruity Fizzy Seltzer Surprise

1 bottle of seltzer (carbonated water)

3 raspberries

1 strawberry, sliced

1 slice of lime

1 slice of lemon

optional: If you’re feeling indulgent, add 4oz of fresh fruit juice/fruit puree of your choice to your seltzer


Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and stir. Allow seltzer to sit for a few hours so the water has the chance to absorb the flavor of the fruit.  Not a fan of the fruits I used?  Toss in any of your own!  Prefer flat to sparkling water?  Go ahead and use your fav.