Seaweed, sure it’s great.  It holds sushi together without a strong flavor or it is covered in sesame oil and rice vinegar in a seaweed salad.  Delicious and merely an after thought when enjoying some Japanese cuisine.  But, outside of the restaurants, at least in my home, seaweed doesn’t have a regular place in our food rotation.  Until now…

Unless you have been living in a bubble, seaweed snacks have taken over the shelves at grocery stores, in fact they even get the center aisle display at Trader Joe’s!  What is so great about these dark green snacks?  As it turns out… A LOT!  Besides being the most mineral rich of any plant, it also contains vitamins A, C, E & B, fiber and protein.  Health benefits do vary given the type of seaweed you select, but the results are unanimous, seaweed is a smart addition to your diet, extra calories not included!

Need even more evidence that seaweed snacks are really tasty?  Test them on your kids!  My son prefers these to chips (and many of my clients do too), asks for them in his lunch box and sometimes snacks on them instead of dessert after dinner (no I have not brain washed him…yet).  One warning though, they’re addictive, so stock pile them now!

The snacking type of seaweed is lightly roasted, can be salted or even seasoned with wasabi, chili powder, or sesame oil and runs only 30 calories and 1 gram of fat per serving.  You can munch on them alone, crumble them into soups or even wrap them around small spoonfuls of brown rice for a portion controlled snack!

For a quick overview on the health benefits of seaweed read below.  If you are already convinced and starting to salivate, what are you waiting for?  Stock up now!  Dietitian approved!

Nori – has protein concentrations as high as 50%
Hijiki, Arame & Wakame – contain 10x the calcium of milk
Wakame & Kelp – contain 4x the iron of beef
Hijiki – contains 8x the iron of beef
Arame, Kelp & Kombu – contain 100 – 500x the Iodine found in shell fish