I love nuts and would live on them and nut butters alone (um, and chocolate) if they didn’t carry such a high calorie and fat load.  But, since they do I limit myself to 1 serving a day (about 1/4 cup nuts or 2 TBSP nut butter) so I can still get all the amazing benefits they provide including heart protective fats, vitamins, minerals and protein.    Research shows that individuals who consume nuts are usually thinner, have lower cholesterol and are at lower risk for heart disease than non-nut eaters!  Great news right?

Nuts can be a little finicky though.  First of all you need to decide what type to buy (salted, roasted, raw, etc) and then you need to, get this, soak them over night before you eat them in order to really reap the nutritional benefits!  What a pain.  And then, your nuts are cold, wet and chewy…blech!

So, what does a true nut lover do?  Suffer? No way!  They buy sprouted nuts!  Sprouted nuts are already soaked and then slowly dried at 105 degrees (a low enough temperature to preserve nutrients unlike the roasting process) which allows for a perfectly crunchy and very tasty end result!  They taste like roasted nuts but even better!  And as if you needed another good reason to go sprouted, we digest them a lot easier (say hello to more energy and fewer belly aches!).

Recently, I’ve been buying my sprouted nuts from Whole Foods bulk section.  The walnuts (hello omega 3’s), almonds and sunflower seeds are my favorites.  Any time, any day you can find them in my work bag, gym bag and all over my salads.  So go grab some sprouted nuts, or if you are adventurous, sprout your own. No matter how you go about it, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.