We’ve all been there: our best intentions to consume a snack-sized portion of nuts/cereal/fro-yo result in a depleted container and too many extra calories not to mention the guilt. Or have you found yourself using tons of disposable zip-locks for on-the-go snacks? Enter the latest solution: PortionWare. This product provides a colorful, discrete way to practice portion control. Containers range from  ½ cup to 2 cup bowls with lids and fill lines, and come in exciting colors to make noshing or leftovers fun!

Don’t want to shell out $29.99 for the brand name? Make your own.   All you’ll need is  Tupperware, measuring cups and a permanent marker: measure different portion sizes (1/4 cup, ½ cup, 1 cup) and then draw lines on the outside of the container—voila, homemade portion control! It will make your waist happy!