Nuts for Nuts

One of my favorite snacks are nuts. A handful a day may not only help to prevent heart disease but recent studies show they can also promote weight loss! The catch? Keeping your intake to just one handful (technically 1/4 cup is a serving). Simply put, grabbing too many...
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Colorful Portion Control

We’ve all been there: our best intentions to consume a snack-sized portion of nuts/cereal/fro-yo result in a depleted container and too many extra calories not to mention the guilt. Or have you found yourself using tons of disposable zip-locks for on-the-go snacks? Enter the latest solution: PortionWare. This product...
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In Season In the Cold

Yes it’s true, even winter can inspire thoughts of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. So maybe berries and tomatoes aren’t in season but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. You can get them at any supermarket but will they taste as good? Likely not. Enjoying local and seasonal...
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