Breakfast is my hands-down favorite meal of the day for a few reasons: Oatmeal-Banana

  1. I usually wake up hungry or return from my early morning workouts with quite an appetite and
  2. I love fueling my body with healthy food and starting my day off on the right foot (Note: Eating a healthy breakfast sets you up for healthier eating all day long).

However, we all have those days when getting out the door is priority #1 and preparing breakfast takes a backseat. What to do? My new go to is to grab some oatmeal and these days that’s as simple as walking into a fast food joint and ordering some to go. Starbucks, McDonalds, Jamba Juice, Au Bon Pain, they all have it in one form or another with topping options too. But remember all oatmeals are not created equal, so before you order yours check out my comparison chart below to see how you can get the most bang for your buck even while eating fast food!

In order from favorite to least favorite:

Where? Type of Oats Milk/H20 Cals w/ 1 Topping Nutrition tips
Jamba Juice Steel Cut Soy milk Original w/ brown sugar=220
Stay away from other flavors to avoid excess cals & sugar
Starbucks Instant H20 W/ nut medley topping=240W/ brown sugar topping=190 Toppings are separate. Skip the dried fruit to avoid added sugar.
Au Bon Pain Rolled Oats H20 Apple Cinnamon=280 They add canola oil (omega 3s). They offer sizes, go w/ small or medium.
McDonald’s Instant Light cream Fruit & Maple Oatmeal w/o brown sugar=260 Here you have to specify what you do NOT want. Skip the brown sugar & cut down cals.