We’ve heard it a million times “watch what you eat over the holidays to prevent weight gain”! But rarely do you hear “watch what you drink”! Well, I’m here to tell you the weight doesn’t only come on from the food you chew; calories from beverages count too!! Egg nog, lattes, spiced rum you name it, over the holidays we are bombarded with delicious drinks to both warm our frozen toes and ring in the new year but do you know how many calories these delicous drinks are providing? Read on to find out and instead of giving up your favorite drinks for good, enjoy our healthier options for all the taste without the bulk! Cheers!

Eggnog (8 oz.) Calories: 343. Total fat: 19 g. YIKES!!!
Healthier option: Silk Nog by Silk Soy Milk (sold at most supermarkets during the holiday season).
Hot Chocolate (12 oz., with whole milk and whipped cream). Calories: 310. Total fat: 16 g. YIKES again!
Healthier option: Use non-fat milk and skip the whipped cream and marshmallows or buy Fat Free or Sugar Free hot chocolate mix, add skim milk or water and a dollop of fat free whipped topping (about 2 TBSP size).
Peppermint Mocha (16 oz., with 2 percent milk, and whipped cream). Calories: 400.Total fat: 15 g. UGH!
Healthier option: Add 1 tablespoon of Coffee-mate seasonal flavor peppermint mocha to your cup of joe instead.
Pumpkin Spice Latte (16 oz., with 2 percent milk, and whipped cream). Calories: 380 Total fat: 13 g. WHAT????
Healthier option: Order a smaller size with fat free milk and nix the whipped cream.
Champagne (8 oz.). 156 calories.
Drink up but: Toast the New Year in moderation, sip water in between drinks to bring down your total calorie count, prevent you from losing your will power and from a nasty hangover tomorrow morning! (Note: to cure a hangover skip the fried food and instead reach for a big glass of water, whole grain toast and two eggs.)